Gregory Stanfield, the Pilgrim scout

A one legged, strong hearted man who is more comfortable on his own in the woods then milling about with his fellow pilgrims.


A little on the short side with bad teeth, short brown hair and – most recently – a single leg, Gregory won’t be competing in any beauty contests. Luckily, pilgrims aren’t really into that sort of thing.

His pilgrim clothes are the standard variety, but matted with more dirt and leaves as a result of all the time he spends in the wild. He carries a short bow, with which he’s still a good shot, as well as a few humble supplies that combine with his strong wilderness survival skills to allow him to operate on his own away from civilization for extended periods of time.


Recently Gregory was sent by the Governor to see what there was to see west of The Village. He eventually hit the north/south path The Survivors took from The Sheared Mountain towards The House, choosing to follow it down to the latter.

This lead to the horrid experience of being captured by the roadside cannibals, who ate one of his legs before chaining him up in their basement with several other ongoing meals both living and dead. Lucky for him The Survivors showed up relatively soon after and freed him, providing a crutch and some biscuits to help him get home.

As you can imagine, he made a b-line for home and arrived a couple of days before The Survivors did. When they arrived he advocated for them, eventually negotiating a “food and lodging for information” deal that satisfied the understandably skeptical Governor. As of day 15 since The Lighthouse, Gregory and The Survivors have hit the first of three checkpoints they wish to explore so they can find out what happened to others that were send out North, East and Southwards from the village on similar exploration missions to his own.

Gregory Stanfield, the Pilgrim scout

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