Travelling South
An improvised interlude between the first and second adventures.

Northern_Wasteland.jpgDAY TWO – Midday Onward

Mostly clad for the cold weather as well as a little shaken both from seeing a man’s head explode and learning that Brittomart has the ability to communicate telepathically, the survivors headed south. After half a day they found shelter in a small, geothermal cave.
Wasteland_Cave_Entrance2.jpgDAY THREE

During early morning watch, Shiva heard a sound like bacon spitting on the pan. This was the snow melting and then burning the earth clean of all life. This included the poor son of a bitch she saw come over a crest and run towards their cave for shelter. At a glance he looked to be a similar wretch to the one they encountered on the northern coast by the Lighthouse.

When the acidic snow had finished, the group set off again. A half day’s travel brought them to another cave, this one marked with a small metal sign that had a blue symbol painted on it. The survivors theorized that this was part of a series of caves used, by travellers passing through the area, specifically for shelter from the hellish weather of the region.

A Visitor Arrives
A boat comes through the mists...


On a windy, heavily overcast day the four survivors awake to find themselves in the uppermost chamber of a Lighthouse. Slowly they explored the space they found themselves in and each survivor found themselves drawn to a particular object. Rydell found a small multi-tool with a white cross on it’s casing, Roland found what looked to be a homemade pistol, Shiva a military sewing kit and Brittomart was attracted to an old pocket watch.

The pistol had clearly been used by a crane operator to commit suicide.

In the main area they encountered and were, arguably, forced to fight to the death with an unfamiliar four-legged creature that had been living there for some time (as evidenced by empty food containers and piles of it’s waste). Lighthouse Dog

DAY TWO – Morning

Having slept in the large shipping crate which the four legged creature had called home, the survivors decided to explore further. A few objects were found, each of the survivors feeling a kinship with one of them, and then a boat was spotted through the mist.

Without the lighthouse doing it’s job, the boat got lodged in a narrow pass between the mainland and the island. Despite language barriers and mutual suspicion, the survivors managed to convince the small boat’s captain that they were not to be feared. They ended up helping him free his boat and then used it as a bridge to the mainland. Thankful, the captain provided them with a sack containing meager foot as well as limited clothing to help them survive the awful climate.

As he went off into the horizon, the survivors started up the long path to the top of the mainland’s cliff.


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