A hunter who seems to be one of the hunted.


A talented tracker, well-equipped and determined to complete his task. His cruel whip, powerful rifle and fully armored helmet (sans headdress) make him a formidable foe.


Talus may have been sensed by the team as they crossed the dead woods between the house and the tower, but they didn’t overtly become aware of him until they first began exploring the tower and the basement beneath it.

Him and his three pet dog beasts quickly gave everyone a run for their money, but in the end the group prevailed over the beasts. Talus, with his combination of daring, skill and a high powered rifle, temporarily took Brittomart hostage and used her as leverage to get a fair distance away before turning tail to retreat for now.

Every time Brittomart tried to stare into his mind she encountered a sort of hymn that felt vaguely familiar but also blocked her from learning anything of substance. Talus seemed noble to her, but Roland and Shiva thoroughly despise him after the events at the tower.

Nobody knows when or if they’ll see him again, but they’re all the more wary now that they can put a face to that uneasy feeling of being hunted that has nagged at the back of their minds very since waking up in the lighthouse.


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