Return To The Sea

Bradamante returns just in time to really find herself.

Present: Gregory Stanfield, the Pilgrim scout, Shiva, Roland, Bradamante and Rydell.

Day 26 Mid-Day
Bradamante spends an hour healing the shit out of folk with a Japanese Commando first aid kit.

Roland spots someone in the woods who resembles Bradamante. This hunter-gatherer quickly vanishes but Roland is able to find the trail. After a dinner of ‘dog’ meat, the group headed out to follow it out west.

When Roland later lost the trail, the group discussed the merits of following the hunter-gatherer vs heading south for the last Pilgrim scout. Despite Gregory’s protests, in his mysterious language, the group decides to follow the hunter-gatherer to try and get to the bottom of the mystery of Bradamante’s appearance / ‘problem’.

Day 27
At daybreak, the mysterious hunter-gatherer is spotted again. The group spends the day tracking him. Near sundown the end of a railway track is spotted. It extends west in the general direction they’re tracking the H-G. Bradamante briefly vanishes.

Night 27
The group decides to stay up all night to follow the rail/trial.

Day 28
Exhausted, they sleep while taking turns on watch. In the distance there are very tall mountains and a small hut is spotted high up on a ledge.

Night 28
They travel to the mountainside, Rydell climbing the rockface up to the hut. Finding a rope ladder, he drops it down for the others to follow.

The hut is revealed to be something of a antechamber for a cave entrance. The cave becomes a tunnel extending deep, deep, deep into the mountain. Gregory, a little tired and fed up, makes it clear he’s staying at the hut to wait for their return.

Day 29
A long day of travel through the surprising well crafted mountain tunnel, still heading west, eventually takes the group – including a re-appeared Bradamante – to an opening.
A heavily overcast, gritty beach with tall hills extending sharply up from it’s edges lay before them. Several dozen hunter-gatherers are here, highly agitated by a half dozen bizarre Sov-Selkie’s coming from the water.


The group decides to help against the Selkies. They discovered the hard way that the Selkies were capable of short, intense bursts of speed and had sharp teeth & claws. By the end four of the Selkies were dead from an excess of Shiva’s blows, Roland’s bullets and H-G spears. The last two retreated into the ocean.

Howeer Shiva took a deep knife wound to her right hand, temporarily crippling it, Rydell took a vicious slash to his neck but both of those wounds were nothing on what Roland suffered. Using one of their bursts of speed, a Selkie warrior threw itself entirely into an a very successful attempt to claw Roland’s jugular open.

As H-G men and woman tried to help Rydell with keeping a very bloody, very prone Roland alive…the hunters of the tribe brought Bradamante up into a cave for a ritual with their holy shaman…and Bradamante.

That is to say, what appeared to be a hunter gatherer piloting Bradamante’s body around the way it now made sense to assume Bradamante had been piloting the hunter-gatherers body around ever since he first appeared. Pale green eyes, long blond hair, a woman in a standard Survivor suit.


After much dancing and chanting in the cave, everyone present eventually passed out in one grand moment of they-knew-not-what. When they began to awaken, they saw….




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